“I am a racist. I think it is wrong to mix races.” – Richard Mack co-author Randy Weaver


A columnist for the San Antonio Express News wrote a piece awhile back that Richard took issue with.

Among the issues was this line: “As for Mack, his résumé reads like that of someone who takes freedom too far.”

Mack was so nonplussed he invited the columnist for an interview to find out  “who I really am.”

Well, the columnist drove up to Mack’s latest adopted hometown and took another look, a look Mack surely now wishes he hadn’t offered.

Talk first covered Mack’s disdain for government – “They cannot tell me what to do,” Mack said, because he can decide what laws are “stupid” and what laws are “constitutional.”

Then it was on to Randy Weaver, with whom Mack has co-authored a book.

Here, directly from the column:

….“You and every other reporter don’t know what he stands for,” Mack said. “All he wanted was to live with his family and be left alone. He has nothing against any race.”

I asked for Weaver’s number. Mack called him on his cell and gave me the phone.

“I’m not a bigot,” Weaver told me. “I am a racist. I think it is wrong, as far as nature is concerned, to mix races.

“Obama and his wife are bigots,” he added.

I could tell Mack wanted the phone back.

“I believe revolution is the only solution anymore unless Richard Mack comes in,” Weaver said. “We’d have to take it back by force.”

I returned the phone to Mack.

“Did you clarify that you’re not a white supremacist?” Mack asked him.

I couldn’t hear Weaver’s response.

But I suspect he reiterated his view of the Obamas because Mack laughed and added, “They certainly seem to support the Black Panthers and all the crimes they committed.”….


Here’s the whole sad story: http://www.mysanantonio.com/default/article/An-inscrutable-purpose-in-Hill-Country-3442709.php

Kudos to the reporter, who indeed was on the right trail the first time out, and certainly has found out who Richard Mack really is.


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